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Thundermist T-Swivels


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I know that this product has been around for about a year now, but if you enjoy tying your own perch rigs, I'd suggest you give these a shot. The T-swivels by Thundermist lures hold that vertical presentation of the main line, but give 360 degrees un-obstructed movement of the bait. I tried these with 15 lb flouro leads to the hooks and a 1/4oz weight/bottom bouncing lead and have had no issues with hooks or bait getting tangled up in the rig. I still even with braid to the top rig am getting pretty good feel to the rig as well.

Here is a link but the swivels can be found at Dicks Sports, and other shops in NYS.


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I was thinking of giving them a try for 3-way drifting for walleyes, and even as another method of presenting a troll for them along deep drop-offs, but at a buck a swivel, I might just limit this to more controlled presentations like jigging and crappie/perch rigs.

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I am running a palomar knot from my braided mainline to the top of the T swivel, then 4-5lb Flourocarbon from swivel to hook and then for the dropper loop to the next swivel 8# then the same for the swivel to the hook and then a 4# 8-12 inch dropper to the bell sinker for my perch rigs. I'm not seeing how much more sensitive I can get without running a straight braided rig directly to a hook.

My leads are no more than 12 inches in length so if it moves, the mainline should transmit that to me. Please clarify if I am missing something here.

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