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Hughes Report June 19th evening

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: Mud Chicken





Time on Water:3 hours


Wind Speed/Direction:

Waves: flat calm

Surface Temp: 55 to 59






Total Hits: 4

Total Boated:3

Species Breakdown:King,Steelie,laker

Hot Lure: Yellow NBK Spin Doc with Hammer Fly

Trolling Speed: 2.2 to 2.5

Down Speed:

Boat Depth: 150

Lure Depth: 80


Hit the water at 400pm with my neighbor. He had never fished for Salmon before, hes a bass guy.. I had a wheel bearing go bad in my truck yesterday on the way home from work yesterday morning and he let me borrow some tools to fix the truck and after I took the truck for a test drive and I stopped at my neighbors and told him it was a Success and I said lets go fishing... so we hit the water dropped the riggers in 80 fow and when we got to about 100 fow and the spread out he says to me is the fishing rod supposed to do that and the port rigger rod is throbbing so I said nope.. he got on it and reeled in a nice 8lb Steelie that took my mag Kevorkian down 58.. So we got back setup and started working out deeper got to 150fow and noticed a nice Scumline and a nice temp break so we worked that for a while and nothing doing so worked out deeper to 210fow nothing Screen was blank.. So came back into work the Scumline and screen was a little better but not that great.. I decided to change some lures so I popped the port dipsey to reel it in and I thought I had a snow fence wrapped around it ( Ive had this happen before) all of a sudden I start feeling some head bobs so I hand the rod off to my neighbor and we boat a big fat Laker.... 10lbs prolly.. He took a white Spin doc with white glow fly out 220.. As I was finishing get the laker who bled everywhere taken care of the starboard dipsey starts rippin drag........ I grab the rod and hand it off to him and he just starts yelling "Holy Crap", "Holy Crap" I cant believe how its pulling..... after about 20 minutes he boats a really nice 22lb King... He took the Yellow NBK Spin Doc with Hammer Fly out 260... Get rerigged and the wife texts me and said radar was showing a storm coming down the lake so we start heading back to port and the port dipsey gets smacked again with nobody home so we pulled rods and headed in... Was home by 800pm and filleted by 815pm........P.S. The Flies were HORRIBLE....... At one point I looked down and both legs were bleeding bad......




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nice job Dale...... I got out on the water around 5 at Bear Creek, set up in 70fow and put out the spread...had my girlfriend with me, so six lines and trolled out to 200 fow and nothing. No hits, no bumps, blank screen for the most part. Saw the temp break you are talking about at that 140-150 mark....was coming back in and turned around to see that storm approaching. Pulled lines and ran back, with a couple cracks of thunder in my ear. Luckily that was it, but first time out this year I got skunked, although I think we were only on the water about 90 minutes with lines set!

Glad you and your friend got something. That is a beauty of a king!


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The old girl is running smooth now..Love that truck... My neighbor is NOW hooked like you cant believe.. The only downfall is he doesnt care for eating Trout or Salmon but he is in for the fight.... Fun few hours on the water except for the flies.. My legs look as bad as Morts... At one point I thought I was going to bleed to death with the amount of blood coming out of my legs.... Now the Dipsey rod deal... My neighbor was getting nervous due to the skies getting really dark so he wanted off the lake like FAST.... So I was in a hurry and I just tried to pull some line out to store it for the ride back to port and my Brute Strength just snapped about 10 inches off the end.... I went down to Warrens and picked a new Dipsey Rod for $20... You cant beat that.... Also picked up some more hammer flies and NBK Flies and Raspberry NK MAGS.......One of my biggest Loves is taking somebody out on the Lake that has never fished for these monsters and hooking up with one and watching there expression... The King that we got last night got all tangled in both my rigger rods and just made a Complete mess at the back of the boat.....It was well worth it........... Woody

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Life is good. Will be retiring July 1st. Having a blast beating up walleye on Lake Erie.

Woody, you have a seat on my boat anytime.

Jack see ya hanging over on the walleye side of things..... Hows life treating you...... One of these days we got to get together and do a little fishing....
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