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canandaigua 6-20-12

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:) launched out of woodville today. started on west side, at second point,

and trolled north. Had 6 rods in water by 7:45. Got a 19" laker at 8:45 on

DR with a SD and fly. Continued north just past the condos and didn"t move

another rod! Had a lot of spinier critters on my 2 dipsy lines, one with20lb

fireline and one with wire.I run 30lb on my downriggers and they were not

bothered, neither were my flatlines. I noticed as I pulled up the dipsys that

the first 75ft of dipsy line was clear so the fleas must be hanging 30 to 40ft

down in the water column. Tried trolling back south with no results. Trolled over to the other side and had one hit on a firetiger Bagley on a flat line but

dropped it half way to the boat. Quit at 1:00. I am wondering if the fishing is

better now further north up the lake? Also what do you Finger lake fisherman

suggest replacing my dipsy line with to avoid the fleas? Thanks Jerry

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Well , as of late the bite hasn't been much better on the North end, must be a transition period seems the fish are there but jsut not willing to get to excited over anything. Even when you get a good bite on a bait seems the next time they want nothing to do with it. I think weneed to import osme Big O fish they seem pretty hungry up there ;)

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I use 30 lb wire jerry, still can get flead up, I check them more, and may change baits too, new moon may be factor. I heard some folks say this is the fastest warm up of the lake they have ever seen. Just gonna get better.

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