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20 class brown


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Here's a pic of a Brownie my son took out of the Oak 9/21. 20+ on the digital on the water, 19.75# 7 hours later on a spring scale at home. Our last outing on Lake O. It will be 'eyes and perch on Erie with the small boat (flat days).


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Thanks for the replies. Mountin'Man called today and the mount is done. Can't wait to pick it up. Anyone have any good ideas how I should present it to my son? He took the rod when it went off and did a great job bringing it in. When we put it in the boat I told him that he'd better make up his mind if he wanted it mounted and that I'd pick up the bill. After all he's a poor UB student. Well to make a long story short, at the end of the day he says "yeah dad we better get it to the taxidermist". I'm sure he'll remember that day long after I'm trollin' in the great beyond. My fondest memories of my Dad are when we were out fishin'.

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