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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:Bout Time II





Time on Water:6-8am

Weather/Temp:overcast 60s

Wind Speed/Direction:W NW

Waves: 2-3

Surface Temp: 67






Total Hits:4

Total Boated:2

Species Breakdown:KINGS

Hot Lure: ECHIP Paddles / flies

Trolling Speed: 3.2

Down Speed: 2.3

Boat Depth: 120-150

Lure Depth: 65-90




tokk dad out again today for just 2 hours but what a two hours it was. had first hit within 10 minutes of setting up. Rigger down 92 over 120 with White/Green Echip Green - fly nice 17 lb King. Took two other shots on same rigger same depth second one - no one was home - third hit after a short 5 minute battle it came unbuttoned. about 20 minutes later the port dipsy out 276 over 135 starts SCREAMING :o !!!!!!!!! fish first stopped at 420 for 3 seconds then continued to 740 in about a minute in a half. Worked fish back in and after 20 minutes we were back to 330. I wasnt sure who would tire first Dad or the fish after another 10 minutes Dad was making good ground and when the fish hit the net there were alot of High 5s, Holy Sh&^%, and a huge hug . this was without a doubt Dads biggest fish to date. It hit 28 lbs on the boat scale twice before it shut off - i think the batteries are dead. I wish i knew the true weight but none the less it was a gorgeous fish.



PS - guess who isnt in the DERBY !!! ;(

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that is a gorgeous king.....!!!!! And taking a wire diver to 700+ feet is awesome. Can you imagine if it hit the rigger line. Few years ago we had a slightly smaller king rip the rigger and we literally had to clear ALL lines and turn boat around to chase him down. 1000 foot of mono behind the boat was insane....we probably had 10 wraps left on the spool. Great job!

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