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Sandy 9/22/07 - A.M. Report

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FISHING AGAIN? and I fished the creek mouth for a few hours yesterday morning, with some good results.

We boated 7 kings, and had 2 more "quick hits" with nobody home. The fish ranged from 16-24#. A few made some good long runs, while others seemed to be running out of gas (fun just the same). :D

J's were the ticket in whatever color "the captain" suggested - he thinks he is ready to become a charter capt. now :lol. Fire tiger, green glow, silver bullet, and his homemade bloodylip all took fish on both the slide diver and leadcore rigs (2 colors early, then went to 3). Fished from 15 - 35FOW.

We never did get a 3rd rod in the water.

The wind/waves were starting to pick up pretty good by 9:30am so we decided to call it "a great morning" and return home to our family duties.

There were some questionable sized boats still out there when we left, so I hope they realized catching a salmon or 2 is not worth risking their life for.

Well I am going to try and post some pictures for the 1st time, so we'll see what happens.






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I also did well infront of Sandy Sat. useing pretty much same Lures as you. If you think Saturday rough, Sunday we had 2- 4 footer with a 5 or so footer thrown in for fun, and I saw a guy in a duck boat and one in a maybe 14 footer, oh and there was someone anchored right at the mouth between the 2 jetties. I didnt get any fish Sunday but thought for sure I would be pulling someone out of the drink.

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