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Repairing a snapped marine antenna?


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Don't forget if it is a good antenna, the wire is wrapped inside the glass. It is wrapped with a specific length and number of twist. A good antenna is between 80 and 100 dollars. It's better to just replace it. You can always tell the good antenna from the bad, just shake it. If it makes noise put it back and get the better one. The cheap ones have a single run of coax slipped up the center, so they make noise and are crappy. If your antenna is broken you also risk the chance of blowing the output stage on your radio if the "txmit load" has been compromised.

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Intersting reading...... I have an 8' Shakespear that cost me $130. I chose to repair it. And yes it has a single cable running through the center. Some phylosophies get a little strange when talking about safety. If your motor broke and it needed repair, would you throw it away? Maybe that's not a fair comparison but the point is that a repair is close to new. Just because the fiberglass sheath is repaired doesn't mean the antenna is bad or will be a safety problem.

I cut a swath of glass cloth and fitted it down and around inside. Put the two part mix to it and joined the two pieces together. Good as new. But then that's just me.

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