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Sodus info please.


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Doing some camping at Lake Bluff in a couple weeks and will be fishing 1 day at least in the bay. Im thinking the closest launch will be Arneys.

Im familiar with the area, just not the fishing. Looking to hook into some Bass and/or Pike. If anyone can offer some info on finding the fish, it would be much appreciated.

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I vacation on Leroy Island in August and usually launch at the Leroy Island Marina or at Fowlers Marina rather than driving over to the other side of the bay. I have fair luck bass fishing around the islands, but haven't caught any pike yet.

Good luck,


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You can probably find largemouths everywhere now. Try under and around any docks, any structure, real or imagined. If you have sonar, anything U can "see" on the bottom or off the bottom, cast to and around (that's what I mean by imagined). You can even catch some nice ones right down off the side of the pier to the lighthouse at the point...Plain nightcrawlers with a splitshot or 2 will get nice ones, even with all the folks around on a nice day. For me the pike are usually incidental and a bonus....And definitely try along the dropoffs at Newark Island and around the others nearby.

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