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oneida lake


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It was off this weekend per my buddy, but the east end is a great area. The south east section of the lake is where two top 5 bags were caught in the eleite series 2 yrs ago. work the weed edges with search baits (spinnerbaits and crankbaits) and drag or pop tubes there too. The point can be very good too! Work some topwater in the morning over the weededge for some excitment. If you have a topo map there is a nice drop on the south side east of the point. You can drag a tube or toss a drop shot out there and there should be fish on it.

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I was out on Oneida last weekend (south shore) and the fishing was pretty slow. Landed one nice eye and a couple smalleys but nothing to brag about and believe me I've been waiting to brag. There is a nice shoal called Messanger Shoal a mile or two west of Sylvan and my buddy has continued to do pretty well in this area since the start of the year. He's been using black senkos and tubes for bass and either drifting or trolling worm harnesses for the eyes. Good luck and let us know how you make out.

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