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Finders Keepers Kingfest @ Sodus - 6/28/12

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nice how did ya land that one????

trollin speed ---fast

lure-------------little wiggler

direction of troll-up and down

duration of trip--30 sec...

Congrats You Two!!!! (3)

Whew 1 day sooner coulda messed up a good fishing trip !!

:rofl: LMAO!!! You're crackin' me up Ray!! :D

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Awesome day guys. We are out again tomorrow and will be running the riggers way deeper. 165 foot out and 115 foot actual running depth! This is a huge tip and is much appreciated. Thanks for your great posts.

Not a problem! The more people that are successful on the lake, the better! Just keep in mind, there are several factors that create the blowback (sfc speed, currents, lures, rod stiffness, etc.) so it can vary greatly from boat to boat, day to day, etc. 8)

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Didn't you plan? No weddings, vacation or babies during salmon season. Haha. Congrats.

Thanks! Actually, it was executed perfectly: after the A-TOM-MIK Challenge, Regents exams, and graduation, and before the east end pro-am's! I'm a teacher so I have the summer's off, and I didn't book any weddings during this time as a precaution too. 8) While the pregnancy was planned, I was extremely lucky to have it fall within this two-week window!! 8)

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Wow! I wish I was that young man! The smile on his face tells the whole story. I would kill for a day like that on the lake.

Way to go, and way to get the next generation hooked. If that trip does not keep a young fisherman coming back, nothing will!


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