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Cayuga 1/6

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The deal is that Stinger cleans the fish and I do the post, so here it comes!

Fair day on Cayuga, we had two flurries. One early asnd one later in the morning, we kept three browns and one salmon, all were good eating size from 16" to 20".

We released many small salmon and some browns and salmon that were just under legal size.

Boards worked fine early and later in the morning wire with small dipseys running about 50' down was the best combination with several coming off the downriggers. There wasn';t a color that dominate, but the best color seemed to be silver/black plugs.

The hottest action came whenever the phone rang, good god Stinger spent more time on the phone than fishing!!!!!!


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:shock: .....probably should have started a new Post for 1/7/07 but Sunday was just a overrun for Saturday because we pulled out early after the storm front went through.

Before we get to the fish report there are a couple things that need to be said about `frisco's report. Everything he said was true,...no "fish story" or stretching the truth. Just the facts. Ken was a gracious host/Captain. Always checking that I was comfortable or needed coffee, cookies, sandwich, is to hot/to cold, do you want me to put the worm on for you, etc....you get the picture :roll:

`frisco just didn't give all the facts..... :? . He forgot to mention that my cell phone time was part of the deal if he took me fishing. The handicap was that I had to give him 30% more fishing time than me to make the contest fair so I figured the best way to do that was talk on the phone, but I cheated. All the calls were fishermen so even though I was preoccupied on the phone I was getting HOT tips from the peanut gallery. You don't think it was just a coincedence that the fish were hitting because of some radio wave/+ion thing on the wire cables do you? I just wanted to clarify that point. ;) .

Oh ya, Sunday, no big deal, we caught some fish. Tried for a Grand Slam but fell short on the Rainbow. Caught fish from the surface all the way down to 135' on the riggers and 360' on the wire dipsey. Had one double on a spoon rod. It was at 95' and had a dink salmon at the ball and one on the cheater.

Ran into Fishstix out there both days and that always adds to the fun. As soon as this Forum starts getting more topics I'll stop babbling on........ so I hope we start seeing more topics. It's going to be a short winter and we all need to tool-up for April ;) .

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I know that Stinger always brings a digital camera when fishing. Does anyone else think it's a bit unusual that we have not seen any photo's supporting the claims that have been made in the previous emails regading these "supposed" series of fishing trips?

Seems Stix's has it down; "fish on", get a pic... Way to go Stix...

Now, what about the boys from "down under" (Vestal/Binghamton)Stinger/Frisco

`frisco's 95' double dinks on Sunday


...and a brown from down there also, 90'+


It was pretty tough fishing Sunday, had to wear a jacket until 09:30.

We won't go fishing without you this weekend. `frisco is working and I'll be in Richmond. ;(;(

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