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Sandy 07/02 evening.....Fishing is ageless

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Fishing Report

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My nephew is on leave from the USMC and asked if I would take him fishing. I asked my father(82) you has not yet caught a salmon to come along. My oldest son(8) was chomping at the bit to go as well. We set up in 120 and trolled NE. Since the fish recently have been down deep, I set 3 riggers and 3 divers. Before I could get the 3rd diver set, fish on. 94 ft down on a Stinger Kevorkian ice. My nephew( first time salmon fishing as well) grabbed the rod and the fight was on. After a good fight, the 20 lber was in the boat. While preparing for his release, the starboard rigger goes. It hit a dirty white boy nk28 cheated 12 ft 100 ft down. As I was preparing to hand my father the rod, it broke off! ;(

We set back up and after a while with no takers, the port rigger fires 110 ft down cheated 10 ft. This time my son grabs the rod and hangs on. Within a few minutes he asked my father to assist. Both of them holding the rod fighting the fish. It was priceless to see the young and old together sharing the biggest fish of both their lives to this point. The 19lber hit the cheated wonderbread spoon and put up a decent fight. As we netted the fish, both of them laughing and talking about how tough that was. It was awesome to see my dad and my son smile and carry on about the experience they just shared.

We turn to head back to our track and the port rigger fires again. This time a blue dolphin down 110. My father grabs the rod and by himself handled the smaller but energetic fish. After a few good runs my father gets it to the boat. A decent 10 lb king was perfect for him to handle. Another priceless moment...

We ended the night with a 20 lb king coming off the wire 280 ft out. Just as my nephew asks what happens when the dipsy rod goes.... it went!!!!! He grabbed the rod and he fought the fish until it was just about dark. (and he thought that basic training was tough :D )

All the fish came in 150-155 ft of water just about in front of the creek.

Over all a great night on the water fishing with the young and old. It goes to show that fishing can be enjoyed by everyone.




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Great report!! My dad and I were just talking yesterday about how fortunate we are when he, myself, and my son get to hunt, fish, and golf together. Memories of a lifetime for those kids - wtg!


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A similar story from 2 weekends ago. My Dad and Father in Law were up for my sons graduation party and I was able to get them out of Sodus the Saturday morning of thos horrible 4' - 5' rollers. They were both able to land 8# & 11# steelhead and missed a few hard hook ups (not quite ready for the 10' rod and divers yet) :lol: My Father in Law is quite proficient with 25# stripers in the Chesapeake and said these fresh water fish foght like nothing he is used to!! Like you said - priceless!!

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Nice work Lou, Whats that lure in his mouth called? It looks like a producer.... ;)

Great report and I am glad you got to experience that with your son and your father.

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