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I-Bay 7/4/12 - Twin 25 Kings!!

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Fishing Report

Chris / Liv n' Ellie:




Date(s): Independence Day 2012

Time on Water: 6AM til 8AM

Weather/Temp: sunny, pushing 80

Wind Speed/Direction: SW 10-15

Waves: 1'

Surface Temp: lower 70's

Location: I-Bay





Total Hits: 6

Total Boated: 5

Species Breakdown: laker, steelhead and three kings

Hot Lure:

Trolling Speed: 2.8-3.0 sog

Down Speed: 2.5 Subtroll

Boat Depth: 150-180 fow

Lure Depth:




Well what more can I say - this year continues to be the best year I have ever experienced on any body of water I have fished. We only fished for two hours b/c we thought we had a possible derby fish and we had to motor back in around 8 AM. We ran 6 rods, but most of the time we only had 4 rods in the water b/c of constant action from start to finish. Our two highlights were twin 25 # kings - which is the personal "two fish best" for my boat.

We had good temp (44-48 degree water) with 125' of cable out on my probe rigger and we fished two wires (275' and 300'), two riggers (115', 125') and two coppers (400' and 600'). The day started off with a nice 7-8 lb. steelhead on our port rigger 115' of cable out, pulling a DW Kelly green SD/ AtomMik green crinkle fly. It put up a great fight, but could not be revived and had to hit the cooler. Our next fish was a smaller king on the 400' Copper pulling a 42 sec SD/42 sec ATomMik fly. Fish was released unharmed but we had another hit on the same rig, but unfortunately we lost the whole setup to a break-off at the knot.

Then we had a beauty of a king, absolutely destroy our wire out 275' pulling a white/green dot SD/ Hammer Fly. It ripped out to 500' on the counter but we settled things down and landed it. We thought it was pushing 27-28#. but it barely touched 25# at Mitchell's.

A 5-6# laker was next on 600' copper pulling a Gator SD/ATomMik mirage fly.

After we started to pull rods, our starboard rigger got crushed - a 42 sec NK spoon - with 125' of cable out and the king was off to the races and peeled off 500' of additional mono. We landed that one as well, which interestingly was also 25# at Mitchell's.

I wished we could have fished longer b/c the lake is on fire right now. FWIW the one king had an enormous lamprey on it - pushing 12" easy. Can't wait to get back out Saturday for more king action.......

Good luck to all,

- Chris





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Great report, man. I will be heading back to the lake as soon as I can, too! Had my best day of fishing bar none, on Monday. My big fish is still 1.5 pounds lighter than yours, but I plan to rememdy that soon!!LOL :):yes::yes:

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Hey Ray - thanks for thinking of me man! Yes everything healed up nicely and I'm trying to make up for lost time last year....lol.

Later bud,

- Chris

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Thanks VERY MUCH for taking our picture at Mitchell's - it was great meeting you and your crew. You guys had a beast of a fish and congrats on your leaderboard placement today on that 28+ pounder! I hope my pics of you guys turned out OK and perhaps you'll share your story and a pic of your fish as well.

Stay in touch and be safe on the water,

- Chris

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Nice job Chris missed you this morning but was getting some needed shut eye. It was a fourth of July tubing too. I'll be back out Saturday and I might hit an evening in Thursday or Friday. I also need to re-tie a new torpedo weight. We lost one last weekend. There must have been a kink in the wire and it snapped.

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