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Shimano TLA-80MRG-2


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just picked this rod up for wire dipsy fishing. 8ft med-med/fast action just wondering its too light for 30lbs steel wire the rating is only 10-20lbs.

do i need a heavier rod?

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If it is the one with the fuji roller guides then DO NOT USE IT FOR DIPSYS, contact me and I will take it off of your hands and give you a Heavy Shimano TDR rod in return!!

No really dude it is a very good rod for wire dipsys, just bought another myself last week!!

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Hey Angelo,

In my first response, I didn't realize the 80-MRG was the Roller Guide version. Obviously that is not a good downrigger choice.

The 80-M or 86-M are great downrigger choices for Salmon. The 80-ML is a good choice for Spring trolling for brownies and cohos off the riggers.

Of course the roller guides are great for wire, but I still like something beefier for pulling the dipsies deep. All my wire dipsies are MH action, both in 8' and 9'6" lengths.

Sorry for the earlier confusion. :$


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