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weed police

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you may have seen an article in the d and c about the people educating us boaters about cleaning weeds and whatnot off our rigs to prevent the spread of invasive species. i ran into one at sodus recently. nice enough people who mean well but are p'in in the wind. i let him pick some crud off my trailer,listened to his schpiel,and left. what a joke. do they know the gobies and zebras got here on frieghters and those guys don't launch where they are working? what do they plan to do about the eagles,herons,geese,ducks,gulls,comorants,turtles,racoons,deer,etc,that go from one body of water to another? what about the carpet on my trailer bunks? how do i clean that? the guy told me to rinse my bilge out with bleach. so chlorine is ok to put in the water? i guess i'd rather have these nut jobs clean my trailer than be out registering the homeless to vote for obama. for the record,i clean my boat everytime i get home,but it's because i paid a lot for it and i try to keep it nice. i also flush my outboard everytime for the same reason. another tidbit: i dug a pond in 1972 and put a few bass in it. today it is choked with millfoil and overun with bluegills. no one ever launched a boat in it. nature does what it pleases.

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