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Oneida 7/6-7/7


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7/6 Fished from bouy 115 and east using bottom bouncers and worm harnesses in 35-40ft. of water and did some very quality fish. We also caught 2 west of Lewis point on 30ft. of water later in the evening jigging 1/40z. jigs with green 3" mister twisters on the bottom.

7/7 We enjoyed catching them on the UL tackle so much that we started the next morning west of Lewis point again on the same line as the prior evening and we had our 6 by 624am so not to shabby.


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Oneida is loaded with Walleyes, with a HUGE population of 14" shorts.

Said in another post that I had fished it for the last time this year.

I lied, as I could not resist going again on 7/8.

I was running solo, and ran out to the north side of 113, as that was the general area we caught 'em on the 4th.

Bingo, there they were, in 40-42 fow.

Bouncers/harnesses did the damage again, to the point could not keep all the rods in the water, for the first 2 hours.

Nice fish, hovering in the 18-20" range.

Gotta' be careful with that presentation, as they'll flare their gills, and pull the hooks right thru them, or gulp it in their throat.

VERY gentle handling of those fish on my part, as that fishery should not be taken for granted, and I applaud the NYSDEC, and the Cornell studies, that have had it become what it is.

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