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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: Shelby Lynn




Date(s):7/6 thru 7/8

Time on Water:6, 6 and 4.5 hrs


Wind Speed/Direction:

Waves: 1-2 footers building on Sunday

Surface Temp: 73-76

Location:Mexico Bay





Total Hits: 20+

Total Boated:9

Species Breakdown:Browns and Kings

Hot Lure: NBK, SD/F

Trolling Speed: 2.0-3.6 sog

Down Speed: 2.0 to 2.5

Boat Depth: 90'-200'

Lure Depth: 80'-120'




Friday 7/6

6 am ran NW out of Little Salmon to 100' in front of the plant, set up with 4 riggers and two dipsy on 270'+320' on wire, frist dipsy started screaming out to 450' and then started getting some wire back, may a couple other short runs and then tried netting three times before we lost a nice king at the back of the boat :devil: I need a bigger net! That seem to be the morning lost more than we got in the boat :no: Did end up with a couple nice browns and a great king. picked up around 1 and headed in for some lunch and a nap! Back out about 5pm fished til dusk picked up another mid teen king and a 12lb brown but also lost a few. Couldn't keep anything on the dipsy's for some reason.

Green SD/green fly seemed to be the ticket with NBK spoon taking the browns.

Saturday 7/7

again ran out to the same water trolled NW to 200' with not much happening and then swung back into the 120' had good temps down 110'-115' 45-46 degrees when the dipsy on 270' wire #2 setting started screaming out 585' and not slowing down picked up the other poles and swung around finally gaining some wire back and boated a nice 26-27 lb king (bouncing scale) wonder bread dipsy and wonder bread spoon, had to fight to get in the small net (did I say I need a bigger net) :lol: picked up another brown on the NBK free slider. picked up around noon and headed in. didn't get back out in the PM went to Fat Nancy's and bought a Beckman Net (Big Net !). Forgot to mentioned we stayed out during that little storm and did end up a little wet ;(

Sunday 7/8

Headed out to the same area Sunday morning til around 10 am got a little rough and lost a couple with nothing in the boat, but had to get my son to Syracuse Airport by noon flying back to Colorado for work. All in All a great weekend with the family!




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We are all wrapped up on Oneida now, and will be joining you folks for the "2012 Salmon-a-Rama", as we are pulling the camper up to the big lake this weekend, 'till mid September.

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