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Toronto Islands for Big Kings - 29lber...PB for the boy!

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Wow, what a trip. We did an afternoon yesterday and a morning today. Right outside of Toronto (CN tower in background). As usual, I was smokin and drinkin beer, as the boy reeled in king after king. Since living in Buffalo, we turned into big king snobs....

203 FOW, 131 down on the rigger, Big Weenie mountain dew paddle, mc rocket bio bait, Mustad Shcmooo-ee scent, 2.4 up top, 1.7 at the ball. She ripped, then ran out 525 feet. The boy reeled him in on P line CCX 20 lb mono (IMO the best stuff ever..)

He got a 28lber. He got a 24 on Sat. Plenty of 20's, and upper teens. What a bite! July off the Toronto Islands is tremendous.

Many thanks to Gavin and GetBit Sport Fishing.

Derby fish leading was 34lbs. Now thats a King.




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Don't worry guys... What you're imagining that nude beach to be is WAY better than what it actually is... Trust me!

Hauled in an almost 30 off the spit last night. Just after I grabbed the rod, another hit, turned out to be around a 20, let him go at side of boat. Action was slow then all of a sudden bam bam!

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