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Point Breeze east 7/10

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Fishing Report

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Date(s): 7/10

Time on Water: 7:30 to 5pm

Weather/Temp: sunny calm

Wind Speed/Direction: 2 to 10mph west.

Waves: pond AM..1 to 2 PM

Surface Temp: 74.3

Location: glass house east to Devils nose





Total Hits: 20+

Total Boated: 16

Species Breakdown: kings, coho, lake trout, steelhead

Hot Lure: moonshine RV CRABFACE spoon, all the flasher flys

Trolling Speed: 2.0 east..2.7 west..crazy current off the nose.

Down Speed:

Boat Depth: 100 to 300

Lure Depth: 35 to 90



Had a great day on the water with Tom (t-con) and Lois fishing east of port from Point Breeze. We set up in front of the glass house in 100 fow and trolled east, moving between 150 fow back to 100. Started setting downriggers with spoons at 40 60 and 90. Action was pretty good as I was setting more lines and was interupted by hits on the spoons already set down. First to go off was the silver NK 28 in green dot with pearl glow that Tom graciously brought for me. It was down 55 and scored a steelhead real quick. Put it back down and went back to setting more lines with the goal to get 8 in the water. It was a challenge as the riggers were firing about every 3 minutes after being reset. We collected a slew of steelhead, and a coho as I was setting other long lines on dipsy and copper. When 9 am rolled around it slowed enough to finally get the full spread out and I was able to stack a couple down outs on the outboard riggers which became star players on kings. They were stacked 30 ft above the ball 90 feet and 70 ft out on a 2.5 setting pulling flasher fly and s/d combos. One took a shot that never released and we looked at it with curiosity, wondering what happened but it never released. We later pulled it to see what was the deal, cause it was not acting right and found the whole rig was missing, including the dipsy. Not sure what happened, thinking the small dipsey was the Target of a king that tried to swallow it and bit the line off ahead of it. Later in the afternoon the 8 lines were running but then noticed the north south troll was a little odd, and the dipsy and copper were running at an angle headed west along with a distinct pitch of the cables in the same direction. The currents were running back west and then caused a couple wrecks on the divers and copper so we trimmed the spread to the down riggers and two dipsy. The pm bite was dominated by kings and steelhead and one nice laker. Kings came on 225 and 275 divers, and 90 95 riggers. Lois aka "QUEEN OF KINGS" nicknamed by Tom, also had the fish of the day for the boat with a nice 20 lb king. Tom had a good spell of teenage kings as well. The fleas were there, but not a big issue for us, as only the last 6 inches were collecting the most. The deeper waters of 300 feet really did not produce other than steelhead which most were returned unharmed. The steelhead were smaller than average and seemed a little thin for some reason out there. The most productive waters were in the 160 to 180 depth for us and we ended the day at 5 with a Laker that said to say HI to FISHINMAN for him. :lol: a good mix of fish for the day and great time with friends.


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Skipper's catches of the day...the rest swam :yes:


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Back at port


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Absolutely Awesome Day! Lots of fun with the friends and with the fish second. Lois has the enthusiasm of a 13 year old I love it !! Mark you have got to be one of the most laid back, kind hearted, worry free persons I have ever met. I had an absolute great time. Couldn't have asked for a nicer day. Can't wait for the Sandy Creek Shootout. :yes: The only pictures that I had that wouldn't be a duplicate was of the new flag and boat name "Stand and Deliver"


And of Course Lois who is now known as the "Queen of Kings"


Thanks again Mark for an awesome day.


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