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When hermit and I were on there the other day it was around 61' on the east side and a few feet deeper on the west side.................we ran rigger spoons , two parked a 61' and 71' both took fish and middle rigger all over from 23' to 51' chasing marks looking for bows or landlocks........the 61' took our only bow and landlock for the day............we'll be looking for your report on how you made out...........hope this helps ya out !!!!!!..........Oh we hermit had me kick the speed up more later in the day ( should have been doing it all day) in and above 3.0 at the ball and we pick up on the bite ..............

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So we fished Saturday night west side Cayuga south of T-Falls in 60 to 65 FOW. Lost one and netted 2 small lakers 18" or so . This morning we fished North of Myers on the east side same depth but no releases. We went to the west side in 200 FOW North of T-Falls and netted 2 lakers 25" and the other 28". The rain started coming so we headed back to the launch again with no atlantics or Browns I'll keep trying. Thanks for the info.

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