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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: Captain Carl Bish/Salmo salar





Time on Water:6am - 2pm

Weather/Temp: Calm Sunny

Wind Speed/Direction:


Surface Temp: 78






Total Hits:

Total Boated: 12

Species Breakdown: Browns, King, steelhead

Hot Lure: White paddle with blue or green Moonshine fly

Trolling Speed: 3.1

Down Speed: 2.8

Boat Depth:40 - 180

Lure Depth: 27 - 83




Started with a north south troll then Ed (Bite Me) called me back to 110 fow where we did most of our dammage. The kings were hot on the paddles today; riggers down 58 and 68'. Dipsys out 240 on the wire and 200 on the power pro. Ran a 5 rigger program but all the fish we caught were on the flys! (Except 2 little browns that hit bad tad). The fish were on the feed today and every one we cleaned had 5-10 bait fish in their bellies. The fish were big as well hope to post pics on my site soon.

Here are todays lures:


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Sounds like our day the kings were on the bite today the fishing has been outstanding hope it keeps up wanted to put up pics but can't figure out this photo bucket have any tips

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I only know how to do it from my desk top.....sorry!

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