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Not bad fishing off Sandy

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:Collin Quinter




Date(s):July 13th

Time on Water:6am to 12 pm


Wind Speed/Direction:none

Waves: none

Surface Temp: 74

Location: Pump house and Devils nose





Total Hits: 8

Total Boated:5

Species Breakdown:Kings, Steelhead, Laker

Hot Lure: Purple mag DW

Trolling Speed: 2.5

Down Speed: ? wasnt reading

Boat Depth: 80-260ft

Lure Depth: 53-100 ft down


SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS I called up my buddy last night asking him if he wants to go out with my dad and I. He said yes and he has never fished for these types of fish before. Well we started out off the nose at around 170 FOW we picked up a fish and got off. Then i saw the purple dreamweaver rod come up and start screaming line i grabed that that rod and i wanted to pass it off to my buddy but i didnt want to because it was a big fish and i didnt want him to lose confidence if he had lost the fish. But I ended up boating my biggest king ever on the boat 25+ pounder i couldnt even hold the thing up for a picture :lol: . When we released that fish my dads rod on his side went off and my buddy ended up grabing that rod he ened up landing his first king ever a 16-18lbs king :rofl: . Then i boated another king. We were hearing a lot of radio traffic of people catching a lot of fish in the 130 to 100 ft range so we followed that and we ended pulling in there at the wrong time that fishing started to die off around 9:30-10 oclock but we ended up getting my buddy with his first steelhead and Laker though :yes::yes: .


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