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Northern King Lures?

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I was wondering if anybody knows if Northern King lures is still in business. I am trying to find some older ones they used to make, and or see what new ones they may have.

If anyone has any info or a link to a previous post on this web site, that would be great.



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They are still in business, but going through transition. Their response time on orders is bad right now and they are out of a lot of popular spoons. Their website still worked fine last I checked.

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Don't waste your money. Way better spoon company's out there. Ones that actually deliver goods in a timely matter. I placed an order with them 3 months ago and after 2 months got my money back, only by filing a claim through PayPal. Give Bfuller a shot! He's got some posts on here with pics of some of his killer patterns. Also: dreamweaver, yeck and moonshine have some great patterns and hold up well.

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