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Fired Up report Sat/Sun

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:





Time on Water:


Wind Speed/Direction:


Surface Temp:






Total Hits: too many

Total Boated: lots

Species Breakdown:kings/browns/cohos/steelhead

Hot Lure:

Trolling Speed: 3.4

Down Speed: 2.4-2.5

Boat Depth:

Lure Depth: 50-70





Got out with Capt Rich for some hot fishing off Rochester.. Saturday we took my daughter out for her first real fishing adventure! We headed offshore to find some steelhead for her to tangle with. Since she is only 12 we wanted some fish she could handle even though the big boys were in tight. We set up about 10;00 a.m and for the next 3 hours we never got our 5 rod program in the water...every rod on the boat went multiple times.. to many rods going off to count the hits. She ended up landing 2 steelhead, 2 browns, 2 kings in the 5-10 # class and a coho! She fought a big boy for 10 minutes and ended up losing him about 100 ft from the boat as he was sharking across the water... We would have stayed longer but the heat and slow roll coming off the lake got to her and she was fighting the sea sickness the whole time..What a trooper! Couldnt be prouder!

Sun evening

Took our better halfs out for a beautiful evening on the water. Set up right in front in 100 ft and bang! Diver went nice king in the box! As i let the same diver out started tightening the drag at 200 ft bang..another king in the box! The next few hours we picked at em until every rod had taken its hits! 5 kings in the box a coho and a brown..

I would say which lures were hot but everyone out there is catching fish on multiple presentations.

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