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I recently purchased my first hunting dog, an English Springer... :D

There appears to be quite a few hunters that post on this board and was wondering if any one could recomend a GOOD trainer...

Having not had any personal experience with training a dog for hunting, I want to find someone that I can work with to help ensure I doing thing right and correct anything I am doing wrong...

I live in Irondeguiot, so would prefer someone within an hours drive.. I also have a camp just outside of Nunda, so would also be interested in anyone in the Nunda/Dansville area.

Any help would be greatly appreciated...


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Nothing against trainers, but it is a lot more rewarding to do the training yourself. I had very little experience when I started with my Britney years ago. She turned out great and I can't wait to training another pup in a few more years. I have friends who have used professional gun dog trainers with very mixed results, some very good, some very bad. The bottom line is it comes down to the time you spend with the dog. If you don't put a lot of time into the training you can't expect a good dog to come out of it.

I learned everything I needed from one video "The Complete Pointing Dog" by Harold Adams. I think I ordered the video from Cabela's, but it was quite a few years back. I still have mine if you don't have any luck finding it.

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Although I don't have my own dog but I did a lot of research into training one, I was stopped short with the addition of my 2nd daughter (3rd on the way so I'm still a ways out ;( .)

My brothers both have labs, one went to "college" the other didn't. My thoughts are this - if you have the time and patience to dedicate to training on a daily basis then go for it. Many trainers will assist you in the process if you hit a problem and you can pay for a few sessions if you think it's necessary.

Check into local clubs also - there are quite a few around that train regularly and can get you access to some equipment you may not be able to fork over the cash for as well as live birds.

As far as trainers are concerned - my younger brothers' dog went to "college" and is a fantastic water retriever and pheasant hunting dog. A guy by the name of Jim Beverly is one of the best around western NY, this is where my bro's dog went. He's in Oakfield which isn't too far from Rochester I don't think. Here's a link to his site -


Good luck!! DAN

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Keith and Dan,

Thanks for the responses...

Yeah, I definietly want to actively participate in his training.. I am really looking forward to it.

Keith, I took your advice and ordered a DVD from Cabelas today.. they had one that was specific to spaniels, which had good reviews. I have also read a few books that had been recommended to me.

Probably a case of being overly concerned, but I really just want to ensure that that I am doing things properly. I have hunted beside a few really good dogs, but have not been part of the training process.

I think it will be a good expereince... He is a great puppy and I am enjoying having him around... If I could figure out how to post a picture, I would post a pcutre of him..


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