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Boat Upholstery

Billy V

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I've called Steve's and they couldn't give me an estimate to have seats & bolsters re-done. They wanted me to bring the boat in so that they could look at it. I'm not about to have my boat trailered over there so that they can give me a ballpark figure. Can anyone recommend someone else who can give me some sort of idea of what it might cost? I find it hard to believe that they couldn't give me a price range given how common Penn Yan's are in this area.

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Don't know if there are any communities up your way or not, but

I've had all my stuff done by the Amish down here. We don't have

any locals doing it, and they are pretty inexpensive and do great

work. Got my mooring covers, top/windows, cabin cushions and

even the bags done by them.

If you want to figure out how far, its in the Cherry Creek NY area.


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