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Hi everybody,

I was wondering if walleyes can be found in Lake Ontario around GTA or they are only at the east end ( Bay Of Quinte) or around the west end ( St. Catharines). Did anybody try to troll around 45-60 fow around this time of year ? If positive, what can you catch at this depth, still only trouts/ salmons ?


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Pickering generating station has a few big sows.

All my walleye from there have been at the outflows especially the west one. The west one is a sand bottom and in the winter (the time the walleyes are there) it is only accesable by cartoppers hauled across the sand.

the outflow is shallow and sandy with random sparse weeds (yes in the winter...as the water there is warm year round) Big straight rapalas trolled at night are the ticket there.

actually if there is no wind or very slight north wind you can paddle the canoe for them. Colder snaps seem to draw more fish out of whereever they come from normally.

Survival suit is a MUST!!! Night time/ canoe/ freezing water = danger if you are not really careful.

It is the most amazing thing though to hook into a big smallmouth in February and have it jump 3 or 4 feet in the air. Also weird but common....when your hands get cold you hold them in the water a few mins to warm up. How bizarre is that!

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