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OUR "MIDNIGHT" w purple TALE silverplate / black


OUR "GLOW WORM" w GLO TALE silverplate / black


Have any questions call 585-865-5535 or send a PM


Thank you


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Thank you to all who have been a part of my father's fishing life.... he so loved fishing and working on his Poonie lures. He treasured his fishing relationships and regailing me and my family with his fishing tales. I would love to find someone in the fishing world who is interested in taking over my father's business. I can be reached at [email protected]

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I'm sorry for your loss; I lost my father as well a few years ago.

I'd hoped to meet your father at some point since I wound up buying a pair of his old fishing poles but never got the opportunity. Good luck.

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very very sorry to hear of your loss. i purchased your dad's spoons in the past and he even sent me a cd to watch of him fishing and using the spoons. i spoke with him last year and offered him to fish with me, he told me his fishing days were over. good luck with the buisness. the poonie spoons do catch fish.

fshnwmn (carol)

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