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times two

Dunkirk 10/7

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Made the last trip of the year today, and after a few brief light showers,

it really was a nice day to end the year.

Ended up with 8 walleye and 1 steelhead. 85-95 fow straight out of

Dunkirk, 1.7-1.9 at the ball.

Little bit of everything....10 color, 1/5 ounces of weight between the

2nd and 3rd color with a watermelon hatchet; couple off the boards

210 back on small slide, watermelon harness; 180 back on 2 on the

big slides with a copper yeck; rigs at 65 and 72, copper confusion DW

SS; stinger purple parrot and yeck watermelon.

Sadly, pull the boat in the morning.....


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Yeah John, it's always sad to put her away for the winter. I can sympathize. We pulled a few weeks back. She's winterized and ready to be put to sleep for the winter. But the 18' with the outboard may see some perch/'eye action if Erie allows.

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