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RUFF RIDER Sodus Live Report 7/28-29

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Well it was another good weekend of fishing, although the weatherman should be shot. I got back into a bit of a groove after last weekend's misery. Can't wait to get a couple of veteran's on a few screamers next Saturday at the Salmon Slam!

Our hottest rig by far the past couple of weekends was a white board green dot spinny with a pohanche passion fly. It got pretty torn up and Jeremy (daredevil) said put it back down, sure enough beat to heck it still took fish. After a few fish today though, it was looking pretty bad!


Thanks to Wayne (BlackJawBandit), he came through big with a lamprey this morning!


It was NOT easy to clean as the slime made it nearly impossible to get a grip on. I accidently slid my arm across its teeth which surprisngly stung.


Inside they are similar to an eel, just a thick cartilidge backbone and guts that come out in one swipe of your finger.



In the end you're left with a big piece of meat and cartilidge backbone. I cut along the backbone making two long fillets. No pics of them though as Theresa started to get queazy and couldnt work the camera anymore :(


I'll probably end up making a bunch of salmon cakes for the Salmon Slam and i'll make a few lamprey cakes as well... will you be man enough to try them... or will you be laughed at and mocked by a guy who uses pink rods? ;)

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We were out there Saturday and Sunday on 9 and enjoyed the banter back and forth from you guys. Your reports and radio banter are quite entertaining - keep doing what your doing!!

We do our best to have fun out there and help eachother catch fish :)

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Good stuff, can't wait to get up there in 2 weeks!


The bigger fish are starting to move in in larger numbers, with any luck fishing should be outstanding the next couple of weeks!

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fast and silver i ant eatin nutin but my own PB. and jam,anyone who cooks them critters ant right,sounds like something Ellie May, or Grandma would cook and I ant No Jethro!!!

I can put a puree into a jelly donut if you'd like :)

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You won't believe it, lamprey tastes good!!! Details and pictures to come...

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I think you have had too many days on the water! Something that ugly can not taste good.

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So last night was a baking night at the Ruff Rider house! I wanted to make mini salmon pies for the Salmon Slam saturday, oh and I had a lamprey to deal with 8)

I made the salmon pies first just in case the lamprey was nasty, I didnt want it to ruin the salmon pies.

I started off by boiling a pan with whole milk...


I grabbed a fresh bag of salmon from this weekend...


Slipped the fillets into the milk and let them cook until they were flaky...


Removed the fillets and used two forks to flake the meat apart into tunafish like consistency and removed all the pin bones and put it aside.


Chopped up a green pepper...


Then combined butter and the pepper in a pan and seared it, added flour, onion powder, cheddar cheese, an egg, thickened and then added in the flaked salmon.


I use wonton wrappers as the pie crust...


Formed the wonton wrappers into cupcake trays and put a scoop of my pie mixture in each.


Made a topping of butter, bread crumbs, paprika, and cheddar cheese and topped each pie.


Baked at 400 degrees for 5 mins and whallah!


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