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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: Live 2 Fish





Time on Water: 9-12:30


Wind Speed/Direction: Nw

Waves: 1-3

Surface Temp:78






Total Hits: 2

Total Boated:2

Species Breakdown:Salmon

Hot Lure: green echip sweat pea

Trolling Speed:

Down Speed: 2.5

Boat Depth: 200

Lure Depth: 85


SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS 1st trip to mexico in a few years years due to Harborfest so we decided to head west out of Mexico launch until we hit the deep water. Well the plan was 500-600ft due to a friends previous report but the north west waves and 40 minutes later we hit 200. So with a late start we setup and trolled west.

30 minutes in to the troll port wire took off to Oswego and stop some weres around 500. 30 minutes later our young guy has the big fish of the year 27.2 king. Reset up and went back to the first hook up and hit the icon and port wire goes off again. 30 minutes later and a very tired mom brings in a dandy little 15 lb king. oops the dipsy did not release. She thought she had the big king of the season. Vows never to pick up a wire dipsy again. We will see. Question to my Oswego friends how's the fishing? Very few reports. Heading there in the am with the neigborhood kids any ideas.


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We were all over the area from the Slab, to weeeeeeeeeell North of North Sandy Pond, from 165 fow to 100 fow on Saturday, and the from 100 fow in front of the big Salmon, all the way to 185 fow, today.

Took a 17 lb Laker on Sat, from the cold rod, and were hooked up on a meat rig we were running off the copper on Sunday, but dropped it.

Most of the bait was in the 170-5 fow, and occasional streakers/lookers.

Mighty dismal results for the total time spent on the water, but enjoyed beautiful weather, and time with my Mrs.

Next weekend is coming................................. :yes:

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It was definitely tough fishing this weekend. Got my first skunk of the season on Friday :devil: . We were marking good temps and bait off the stack. Just didn't seem to make sense why no hits on the gear. Headed back to the same area Sat. morning tucked in south of the fleet and we started hooking into kings while fishing for browns, which was fun on the lighter tackle. We ended the day 7 for 10 on the day with 4 kings and 3 browns. That made up for Friday. Hopefully the next few weekends will be a lot better.

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Nice Reports :yes:

We were out early saturday, went NW out of the launch set up in 120' and trolled just around the corner in front of the plant out to 220' and back, ended up with a couple nice Kings 24# and 25.3# along with a nice laker that went back in. Sunday went North in front of the Big River in 100' to 170' end up missing a couple hits and landed one brown 10#s. But all in all a nice weekend 8) . Hope to be back up Friday night.


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