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Keuka 7/30/12

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On the water @ 5:41, set up w/ a fly I tied (blue mirage & UV on a clear head w/ glow beads) chasing a Pro Troll glow racer(?) (glow both sides, 1 side Chartreuse green dots other side Chartreuse racer stripe) & a Big Weenie Lap Dance XXX Glow chasing a Green Dolphin on chrome Spin Doctor went 4 for 4 on lakers, each set-up taking 2 fish each. Major floating weed pods, fleas were non-existent "magic sot" was 165 & 177 FOW, Dipsey's were set on #2 setting @ 180' back & 450' back, lot of good arcs on the FF, only saw 1 jet ski, was a day for BIG sailboats, was on the trailer @ 10:16 & heading home with 2................sorry no pictures, Granddaughter (1Y.O.) weekend & GRANDMA ;) forgot to put camera back on the charger

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Thanks for the report. I was just thinking how perplexed (and maybe disturbed) a non fisherman would be if they read your post. We really speak in code sometimes, I remember when I first started reading messages on forums about trolling and how I wasn't always sure what they were talking about, its nice to know the language now.

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