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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: Storm Warning 3




Date(s): 7/29 & 7/30

Time on Water: Not as long as we thought we'd be!

Weather/Temp: Calm & nice 7/29, bumpy westerlies 7/30

Wind Speed/Direction: calm to s, then sw, then w

Waves: ripple to steady 3s

Surface Temp: 75

Location: OLCOTT!





Total Hits: 42 over both days?

Total Boated: ?

Species Breakdown: Kings, Steelies, 1 Coho


Trolling Speed: 3 - 3.2

Down Speed: 2.5

Boat Depth: 150 - 430

Lure Depth: 55 - 165




Awesome couple days at the 'cott!

Sunday, got a bright and early start - ran west to the red barn and started setting lines in 150 fow...got everything in, made it to 275 and had a Steelie fest on...divers, boards, riggers...all firing, released 9 Steelies in about 1/2 hr. also pulled a teenager on the deep meat rig...

Proceeded north into 380 fow and ten color with green gator mag starts screamin, yielding a nice major. From 400 to 425 started blasting the big Kings...300 copper, outsided divers at 285 with the tried and true green dot & white spinny & Pro Am fly very hot, same fly on same spinny, 10" version also hot! Frampton rig also took some shots on the starboard outside and the purple mirage w/ white on white spinny through in some rips as well. Finished with 5 big Kings in the box, a couple lost screamers and 3 mid to high teen Kings and a dandy Coho by 11am. Smokin'!

Monday was a little bit slower, S winds most of the night upwelled (should have stayed inside...got warmer the further north we went). Same idea as Sunday, but went east where we had noticed a large pack on Sunday. Hit a few Steelies here and there all the way out to 425, had to keep a 3 that weren't going to make it. Took a nice King on the 300 copper again (green oil spill on white Doc w/ No See Um) but didn't like the rising temp at the ball. Turned east and then south quartering building waves and all hell broke loose, temp dropped hard, bait all over and popped the rigger and Frampton started screamin'. Boxed those two quality fish and the 300 takes off - long battle and I dropped a MAG Kinger right behind the boat! At least the summer LOC was over...proceeded back south and finished up with Jimmy taking another 20lber on the port outside. Finished up with 3 majors, 3 teenagers, and 3 decent steelies by 11.

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