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Hank - L&M


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Does anybody recognize this man?


Saturday morning we were headed across the bay and I lost the water pump on the port motor. I was probably his first call of the day at 6:30. Just 2 hours later we were headed out again with the water pickup blown out and a new impellor.

Thanks Pops!!

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Ok cmon' who's Hank?????

The guy you always see riding his bike around Port Bay


Hey, what ever happened to that "law" passed in NY?...do ya think the girls forgot?....

OH YEAH! HANK!...never had no maniac..I mean mechanical work done, but he is a wealth of knowledge we all can tap into....specialy, fixing boats....and ice augers, bikes, bad posts (written kind) , adjusted attitude (of boats on plane)..coneseur (think that's French) of beer. Figured that out when he spit a swallow when Ray was busting my balls, back when I was quite naive. Musta been bad beer :lol:


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Thanks LOU Members! You all tipped me onto Hank. Just picked up my boat last week. Hank did a hell of a job on my outboard, 2 days later took I took the Lunker in a local tourney! I'll go out on a limb here and say Hank's the four leaf clover of wrenchin'. Broke or not, have Hank work on yer boat just before any tourney for a garenteed board fish!

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