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Cayuga 8/3


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In a nutshell... today rocked. :yes: Yesterday : bad fishing :: today : good fishing.

Tried some new this year stuff which didn't go so well. Picked up some crayfish from Bear last night and went looking for drum this morning. No go from 5:45-6:45 outside the weeds. Thought maybe I was fishing too deep for so early as the bass were splashing on top again, so I went up the lake on the West side looking for lakers. Fished lakers 7:00-8:15 and they were making up for yesterday's fast, they were on the feed this morning. Went 5/6 in the first twenty minutes. It slowed down a bit but was steady after that.

Crossed over to AES to try for drum again. Again nothing from 8:30-10:00. Tried real shallow inside the weeds, out deeper past the weeds, and even in holes in the weeds... nada. Saw one fish in 5 fow but I think it was a carp. Saw some big muddy carp feeding areas. Tried to catch one of them with the crayfish but they weren't having it either. Kind of surprised I didn't catch a smallmouth. Guys I've talked to who target drum do so at night- one used crayfish the other alewives.

10:00-11:00 went out a little deeper and finished off the morning with more lakers. Sky cleared around 10:30? and chased me away. Can't take that sun after years doing landscaping and a few rounds of heatstroke. Lakers were still biting pretty good for that late in the morning, got a handful. Awesome laker bite today. :dance::party:

Overall it was a great morning but I wish I'd caught something on the crayfish. I've only caught two drum, nearly a third in Cayuga out of five attempts so it's to be expected. The first one was down by the golf course / Stewart Park one spring when I was going for carp and was a complete accident. Hope the lakers stay fired up for everyone this weekend!

Oh yeah all lakers were 72-82 fow, slightly shallower on the west side.

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Been fishing long point south to power plant. Seeing tons of fish 70 over 100 but lock jaw. Had some take green and black spoon with oversize eye but has been slow. May run way south in morning, fish up west side. Any advice?

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Well I should have mentioned I was jigging with white and green soft plastics. In general those are very good laker colors so you're on the right track with the one it sounds like. Last time I was trolling, maybe 5 weeks ago or so, a Green Dolphin or Green Gator spoon was hot for me, I forget which one I have. Also green/white flasher fly combos should work. I used to do pretty good on the Michigan Stinger Dirty White Boy too. Where you are is good, also between Sheldrake and the boy scout camp should be a good troll. Anyone else with trolling tips?

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