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SWR = Secret weapon rig. 2 colors leadcore off the rigger. The lure runs approx 10' below the ball. It is used in a stealth approach when the fish are rigger shy.

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Swr also works great for eyes bc they don't like the dr cable... But you need to attach a thin rubber band to your line then clip it in rigger release otherwise you might not know your dragging around an 8 lb fish like I did last week. Had no problems with dipseys set a 2.5 and even ran a 5 core off another rigger.

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So u guys have rods set up for just 2 or 5 color.

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1, 2 3 4 5 7 and 10 color... ;) as well as 100's, 150's 200's 250' 300' 350's 400 450's 500 and 600 coppers! :D

It's all about controlled depth .

You can catch one fish on anything...Fine tuning your spread will some days fill a box! 8)

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