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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:Eddies Adventures





Time on Water: usual 5-8

Weather/Temp:sunny warm

Wind Speed/Direction:calm

Waves: flat

Surface Temp: 77






Total Hits:6

Total Boated:5

Species Breakdown:kings coho brow

Hot Lure: flasher fly

Trolling Speed: 2.4

Down Speed: 1.8-2.0

Boat Depth: 150-530

Lure Depth: 80-145




Pretty much same program as last night with better landing ratio still some nasty currents down there marking fish aroudn 80-100 foot down on the graph but had to put the probe riggger way down again to find temp with my 15lb weight was getting some serouis blow back again north troll and east were the best. biggest king tonight was 26 smallest was 19 the coho was real nice was 10lber. here are a few pics hope im doing better with keeping up on teh reports loosing my precouis sleep haha.....good luck alll this weekend.






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Nice! Thanks for the report. We're rolling into town tomorrow. Hoping for fishable weather conditions. It's looking iffy for Friday. Hopefully this weather change will brings more kings in from the west.

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Nice Report! Glad to see you got into them. I can't wait to get back over there on the 26th!

Those fish always look so much bigger when being held by a young skinny guy! The same size fish look a lot smaller when old fat guys like me hold them up!! :D

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