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Kids arrested in Oswego, Wrights Landing

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Apparently kids of deadbeat parents, same ones who don't know where the kids are, don't care, and want all the trucks off the road at nite so their drunken brats don't end up pot hole patch...new log book regs deigned by whining liberals. :mooning:

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ahh if it was only beer they were scarfing,i remember sneaking around the campgroud when camping with my parents and doing a cooler check or two....just last year :lol: ,,er i mean when i was 15.....course we never got cought.... ut oh am i the only crinimal here..................just hope the parents dont sue someone for leavin booze where a kid can get to it......Oh wait RED DOCK them poor kids got busted with IRON CITY,,,how embarassing.....cops shulda tought em a real lesson ,made em drink it and lock the bathroom...:puke:

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