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Wish List for 2008 Season

Billy V

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I passed the info onto my wife....then she mentioned something about new living room furniture and more landscaping for the yard next year...

Mike....really bud, Plants before a boat? Sounds like it's time to have a sit down and discuss life's priorities with the better half.

If you can't bring her over to your way of thinking, than here's how I'd handle it. Tell her ya need furniture before landscaping. Than....go buy the boat. I'd wait till spring though, otherwise it could be a very long winter :lol:

You can always tell her you bought nice swival seats for the livingroom, and the boat came along with them for free!

Hard to believe I've been married 16 years and she's only left once.... lol


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I think I'll save most of my money this winter so I can chip in on gas next year for whichever ones of you are looking for 'two rods' on any given day...LOL

The better half said I can get whatever boat I want as long as I can pay for it....I am stashing money under the mattress for a boat....SHHHH!!!!

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The list for 2008 keeps changing, but there are a few things that wil be on the boat.

1: Walker Strike Vision will be on the back.

2: Depth Raider will be at the helm

3: Atleast 1 new copper setup, most likely 2

4: a set of Big Jon Otter boats

5: a new dock on the Little Salmon river, bring on the spring browns

6: no telling how much new tackle will find it's way on the boat, new part time job with a very nice discount will help with that.

7: If mother nature plays far this year, all the spring kings we all can enjoy.

This is a start to the list, I am sure there will be more additions. Goo dLuck to all with your list.


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My wish list would include...

1) Moor subtroll.....I almost have enough Cabela's visa points

2) Get the balls to ignore the "preferred water temp" readings and

put more baits in the "ice" water where those lone wolf mature kings


3) A really hot bikini wearing observer for the Pro/Ams.

4) Two copper set ups

5) For Cannon to go back to the long, heavy duty booms and aluminum

bases of yesteryear.

6) For everyone to release small Chinooks so they have a chance to grow

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