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Cannon down rigger question


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I have a pair of cannon riggers I would like to wire up, the current connections are a male female plug that came wired to the riggers, my question is .... Will the flush mount wireing acessorie from cannon take the male and female connection from the rigger, I assume it will? But in the pictures of the flush mount connection the yellow receptor looks like it takes two males not one of each?

Or do I Just cut the conectors off wire in a inline fuse and connect directly of battery?

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Sounds like the cannon riggers have the old small black male female connectors. Those don't interchange with newer Cannon wiring parts. Cannon has used several wiring setups over the years. The newer wires are heavier. Probably makes sense to replace the wires on the riggers and so you are sure the plugs match. Not a big job as I updated two of my riggers. The downriggers should have a circuit breaker buildt in, but it does makes sense to fuse your line in as added protection.

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