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Where to mount Dippsy rod holders; forward or aft?

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I am looking for advice on whether to mount my new dippsy rod holders, which are Berts Ratchet style, on the right and left sides near the transom or up closer to the middle of the boat (helm position).

Due to the location of rod storage lockers these postions are my only choices.

Which position would be better for turning, etc. and cause less potential for line fouling with riggers and in-line planers?


Trout Bum

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mine are forward closer to center...if yer turning so sharp that ya lay the lines across the riggers yer probly turning too sharp anyways :@ sometimes with my boat 22ft alum. and a strong side wind ill speed up a tad or if its real bad ya might wanna consider popin the one thats gonna be (could be) draggin across the wires... i usually only "force the turn" when i need to get back to a "hot " spot on a slow day or derby.

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Dipsey rods go forward of all my riggers (closer to the helm) . I run 4 riggers, one on each corner and one on each side out 90 degrees. Like Ray said watch your turns and hit the throttle a little to control your rods.


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