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Snap swivels

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I agree got to go quality and cross loc stood bac the boat lookin at half swivel watched big steelie twist one in two while in the air. Double bac means lettin s/doc out to quick line and terminal tackle sink faster. Get hung up on one another sometimes so suttle u don't know it. I don't run under 30# rated swivel . Good luck! Cdq's dad.

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Regardless of which ball bearing swivel you decide to use make absolutely sure it is a SOLID RING swivel. The split ring type can cut your line with a big fish on them when the line slides to the opening part of the ring and wedges (despite tying the knot properly and tightly)....it probably cost me a trout derby in the past....and I change out the snaps with duolock snaps which vary in strength and size so I can adjust for specific rigs, fish species etc. or buy just the ball bearing part and add my own duolocks accordingly.

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