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FAIR HAVEN 8-12 Evening

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:'Bout Time II





Time on Water:6pm-8:30pm

Weather/Temp: 70s overcast

Wind Speed/Direction: S- SW N NW

Waves: 1-5

Surface Temp: 76






Total Hits: 2

Total Boated:2

Species Breakdown:KINGS

Hot Lure:

Trolling Speed: 2.8-3.6

Down Speed: 2.0 - 2.2

Boat Depth: 90-300

Lure Depth:73-100




My nephew and his buddy came up to camp and asked to go fishing. the lake was too rough all day to take them out (they are a little green) :lol: . decided at 6pm to head out for a quick trip. did not have high expectations since all fish that came to the boat Saturday were from the 300 foot range, and i didnt have time to push out that far. started setting rods in 90 FOW for the hell of it in hopes of maybe getting some browns or even a laker. I set the probe rigger first down 73 over 90 and had 52 degree water. i explained to the boys what the rod would do if a fish hit. i then turned my back and started on rigger number two and my nephew says "you mean like that", i yelled fish and we were hooked into a big fish that quick :clap: . after some teaching on "the proper technique" we had a nice 26 plus pounder in the net. I reset the rod and continued setting the spread. 15 minutes later the 85 rigger over 120 fires and immediatley this fish starts jumping all over the place. it jumped a total of 4 times. it ended up tangled in the dipsey wire and another rigger line. we were able to clear all tangles and bring the fish to the net. it had the Mag Die Hard firmly planted in its dorsal fin. :o this one ended up going 17lbs. a couple quick pictures and it was released. by this time it was 7 oclock and i now had high hopes of a great night when the skies opened up and it poured on us and the lake picked up from 1-2s to 4-6s. we pushed North to stay on the outside edge of the storm and by the time it passed it was 8:20 and we were in 300 FOW. i picked up and started the run back in the dark. A great night despite all the issues and the storm. they have already asked if we can do it again tomorrow :yes:




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