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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:F.A.S.P.





Time on Water:5:30am till noon

Weather/Temp:overcast/sunny..... 75

Wind Speed/Direction:sw/10-15

Waves: 1-3

Surface Temp: 73

Location: 80-220 ft





Total Hits:10

Total Boated:7

Species Breakdown:coho, steelhead, kings

Hot Lure: Gator SD/ Gator fly

Trolling Speed: 2.0 - 3.2 sog

Down Speed:

Boat Depth: 80 - 220

Lure Depth: 75, 85, riggers, and 220 - 240 on the wire



==================== Slow start to the day 1st hit didnt come till 9:30. It was a little bumpy for my 14' aluminum have no down speed and the current was wicked hard to get the right speed. Got a sign from the fish on a SW troll over 170'. Steelhead down 75, NBK, Gator SD with Gator fly, Coho, 85' down , Steelhead, SD white green dots, crinkle fly, 220 on the wire, 4 kings, Gator SD/ Gator fly, all hit 85' rigger, lost 3 others on the 240 wire with white/white SD/ little boy blue fly

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14' Boat...I fished out of Port Bay one time about 3 years ago in my 14' Lund made it all the way off shore to 20fow :lol: Then when I felt the first gust of wind I went back into 10fow :D Kuddos to you and nice job on the fish!


PS- Love your boat name!

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Hey Cliff, This is John that bought your boat way to go bud and glad to see your getting back into fishing, ended up going to Port Bay with it and i love it but I'm sure your spending a lot less Gas with your new one than I am, Anyways if ya ever want to go east just let me know

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