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Bob and his son Dave joined us for an evening trip. We started off in 70’ of water, and although there was some bait and a few hooks we never turned a rod. We pointed the Yank NE and began to get some water under us. We would end up fishing the 26N line because it had the best picture, and the fishing wasn’t all that bad. We had heard it was a little tough out there from a few people, so we expected a slow start.

We put out a good spread to cover as much water as we could. We ran our Cannon Downriggers down anywhere from 65 to 125. There were some good deep marks by the way. Our low wires were parked between 200 and 250’ out on a 1, and the high divers were out 250 to 300’ on a 2.5 setting. We ran a 300 and a 400 copper to complete the spread. First rod to go was a low diver pulling a Hammertime Stinger E-Chip/A-TOM-MIK Big Fin Glow fly, but that would be it’s only shot of the night. The Finger Lake Tackle King of Sting took a ride with a small Salmon, and the Dreamweaver Sea Sick Waddler would end up taking a few fish both off riggers down 65 and 80’.

A lot of one hit wonders tonight. The Northern King Copper NBK went on a high diver, the Moonshine Shelly Snack went on a 300 copper, and the Dreamweaver Gator Spin Doctor/A-TOM-MIK Sweet Pea Shred took a ride on the 400 copper. We would go on to boat 4 and drop 6. Two of the dropped fish had some weight on them. One we saw behind the boat while the other stayed deep after taking an 11’ Stinger Hammertime E-Chip/A-TOM-MIK Big Fin Glow down 125’ on the downrigger.



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