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Sandy 8/19/12 - 34lb. 6 oz. lake trout

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What an awesome day you would be hard fast to wipe the smiles off our faces. Chicken or not hauling a trophy like that over the rail is huge for the whole crew everyone knows it takes the whole crew to pull it together when it counts. Damn proud to be a part of the SS Chicken Coup crew, good times just damn good tim... And the beast will look good on the wall too!

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Thanks everyone for the kind words. It has been one heck of a season on the Escape (aka Chicken Coupe). I think our success is due to a good TEAM effort on the boat and a TON of LUCK. I am luck enough to fish with some mighty fine fishermen out of our little network of guys here at Sandy. It looks like Kurt is going to do a replica mount of this fish and I'm going to get a skin mount done to add to my collection. That fish is definitly a fish of a lifetime. I think it was Capt Vince that said Lake Ontario never stops amazing me. I feel the same way. We are all lucky to have this WORLD CLASS FISHERY right in our back yard! There is a ton of trophy fish out there. Go get them guys!

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Brian way to go. that is one to remember.That is one old fish. Congratulations.

By the way did you pull that from under Jerry's house? LOL


We were a little further East of his house but I guarantee he could hear the hooting and hollering when that beast hit the floor.


I'm going to contact the DEC today and see what I have to do to get this fish aged.

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What a great fish of a lifetime - congrats!

Brian - the DEC can age lake trout by scales (highly unreliable especially with older fish) but I know they can also look at bone structures (possibly called otoliths) in their inner ears which I think can grow like rings on a tree. The only way they could do this would be to cut into the fish and I don't think you're going to want that until the Derby is over...lol.

Great job on your fish bud,

- Chris

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