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Apple Boy 8/19/12 Sodus

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:Apple Boy





Time on Water:1:30pm- 8:00pm


Wind Speed/Direction:South switching to east

Waves:<1ft to 1ft chop

Surface Temp:






Total Hits: 8

Total Boated:5

Species Breakdown:Kings, steelhead, brown

Hot Lure: see below

Trolling Speed: 2.4-2.8mph

Down Speed:

Boat Depth:90-240ft

Lure Depth: riggers 100ft and 110ft with free sliders and dipsys out 340 and 380


SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS The lake finnally settled down for me to get out in apple boy to try to catch some kings! I got my friend Connor and his Dad Rich to come out with me! :) I heard from people in the morning that many had gotten skunked our managed just a few fish. The lake was perfect and we cruised out and set up in 90 feet of water. Things were slow as we worked the 90 to 160 ft water to try to get some big kings on the bottom. Things did not work so we slid out to deeper water. We started getting a real good screen with marks down 100 with occasional bait pods. As we made it to 200 we turned south to work back through the 180-195ft range. As we got to 187 the 340 dipsy pulling a white board green dot spiny pulling a hypnotist fly started peeling line! I handed the rod of to connor and the counter was at 625ft. :lol: It was about a 25 minute fight while connor and myself took turns realling in the fish. While we were working the fish the 110ft rigger pulling sea sick waddlers fired and I did not make it in time to have the fish hook up. We got the skunk out for the day with a 28lb king!!! :clap:


We found two honey holes that we kept working through, producing hits each time. Rich lost a samll one behing the boat, but as soon as i sent the 110 rigger back down it popped with beautiful steely!


I sent the rigger back down and in about two minutes it fired again as i was washing down the floor! I jumped on the rod and fought a nice brown to the boat!


We had a realease on the 100ft rigger whih was pulling a gator spin doc with a ultra green glow fly. The meat was quit so ipulled it to check it and it was just the teaser head and no meat. :$ I switched out the teaser with a new teaser i got at warrens friday night. Put the fresh meat down and no sooner was connor fighing a king all by himself. It was about 10-11lbs


It was about 7:15pm and we were thinking about looping through our honey hole and call it a day. We were glad we did that as the 340 dipsy started ripping agian. Rich was fighing his first big King salmon! It was about a 20 minute fight and to finish up the day with a 25lb king!! :yes:8)


All if our hits came in the 185ft-195ft! Good luck to every one fishing the loc and farihaven challenge this coming weekend! :clap:

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