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Looking to Get out on the Lake


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Hey Guys,

I used to spend alot of time on these Forums but a career change and other factors sent me to Florida. Prior to going down to Florida, I owned Raider Spoons and had my Captains license. I have a request for anyone interested. My father (who ran the charter with me) and son will be up at the lake on Labor Day weekend from Friday through Monday. They are fishing with friend of my father's on Labor day but were looking to get out on either saturday, Sunday or both if anyone was looking for viable deckhands and gas money. My father now owns a boat, a 27 foot Penn Yan, but he couldn't put the boat in for a variety of reasons. He is willing to help with gas and whatever else is needed to get out on the lake for the day. He has a Place in Henderson but will travel if necessary. Anyone interested, please call me @407-271-2078.

Consider yourselves lucky, Fishing the Big Pond is still better than Ocean Fishing in my opinion. There's just something about it that can't be replaced, regardless of the size of the fish.

Rob Horst

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