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Skipper went to Oswego

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:




Date(s): 8/19 & 8/20

Time on Water: mid morn to mid afternoon

Weather/Temp: perfect

Wind Speed/Direction: lv west nw

Waves: Sunday less than 2 to flat and Mon. 1 to 3 rollers

Surface Temp: 74 +

Location: west of port




Cher and I were invited to come stay with our friends in the house they rented on their vacation. What a great location, right on the beach, and a very nice little house located on a cove near the bluffs. I asked Doug if he ever tried fishing the lake before and he said no but wanted to try it and entered the derby just in case , on my recommendation, and I brought the Stand & Deliver machine with us.

When I arrived on Friday the wind was cranking out of the north and the lake was a mess. So we sat out Saturday and let the lake calm down for Sunday. It did, but the wind also drove the temps way down to over 100 feet down. I sent the td down on the rigger and the readings came back 74 degrees all The way down to 100 feet Sunday. Our program consisted of six rods set up 3 on riggers and 2 divers on wire and a copper down the shoot 600 ft. The riggers would rot most of the day on Sunday except for one hit on the mag dreamweaver pink eye down 130 which took a 15 lb coho. The hottest sets were the wire divers out 300 to 330 set on 1 pulling pro troll and spin doctors with mirage and crazy **** flies in 170 to 220 fow. We went 3 for six on those. 1 king 26 lbs. 1 coho, and 1 steelhead.

Monday the temps were still down deep and we ran the same spread minus the copper. We went to our waypoint from the day before but the picture was gone. We went to 550 fow and the picture was bleak, except for the bait which was there without the hooks. About 1 pm we turned back in and found the hooks on the screen looming around the bait near 350 fow. We trolled paddles and flies and spoons to no avail, as the fish were not aggressive, and only would follow the riggers to peel away after several minutes. We only managed one steelhead for the day on wire diver out 310 on a protroll and mirage fly. So we ended the day with that and came back to the huge deck on the water behind the rental house and drank shocktop to relax for the rest of the day.

In retrospect, I really enjoyed the fishing in Oswego, and the harbor. Wrights marina is a great place to launch and the fish cleaning house is a convenient place to clean your catch of the day. I had a great time here.



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Total Hits:

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Species Breakdown:

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Trolling Speed:

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Good for you ,as a Trucker (s) you guys spend a lot of time behind the wheel.. Many drivers on the road find those big rigs anoying ,when all yer doing is racing the clock to get yer (our) goods to their destanation ,before they go bad or are outdated.. I hope all who read this take a second or two ,and think how yer food, building material,BEER, and most everything we use gets to the shelvs we take for granted...

YUP is a special breed that keeps America rolling behind the scenes and on our roads... Everyone who reads this give them truckers a wave (not the finger) let em slide in every chance you get ...Many of us at the end of the day go home open the fridge crack a beer or grab a snack,,,while those truckers are out batteling road construction,paying 10bucks to take a quick shower,and sleeping in a little bed along the side of the road in their truck waiting for the loading docks to open..

Glad and honered to know you Guys and nice to see ya relax.....AND I HOPE YOU ANT THE S.O.B. THAT CUT ME OFF 2 DAYS AGO :lol:

Ray K.

Thanks ....

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Thanks everyone! It has been a nice break from the noise and stress of the road. Ray, thankyou very much for the kind words. Every working body on this earth keeps the cycle moving forward, and everyone needs a connection to self deserving time. It is true that everyday occurrences, some emergencies, (plunging is not working) feeling uncomfortably cold, (fire went out in the heating thing), basement is a swimming pool or something like that.

It's good to have the diversity of friends to come to the aid of us who are more professional to fix the problem of the day. Thanks to all who have that special knowledge. Now Ray, if you could help me fix the Lyntucky outhouse with some heat (from the methane gas supply), and tcon Tom could wire me up a phone in there would be great!

Thanks Mark

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