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Henderson Harbor, Trench

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Fishing Report

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Time on Water:5pm-7:30pm

Weather/Temp:mid 70's, sunny

Wind Speed/Direction:w/sw light

Waves: rollers going calm

Surface Temp: 76-77






Total Hits: 2

Total Boated:1

Species Breakdown:king

Hot Lure: 11" chip with atomic fly

Trolling Speed: 3.1

Down Speed: 2.3-2.7

Boat Depth: 115-138

Lure Depth: 105



The word was that the trench was on fire Saturday but due to other engagements i missed out. Many boats did double digits on Saturday. On Sunday morning the word was that the bite was nothing like it was on Saturday but the ones that they are getting are all big matures. I could not get out until the evening so we headed to the lake around 4 pm and were set up by 5 pm. My buddy Geno had a trip out in the morning and boated a 33 lb male and is not in the derby. I had my 4 year old son and my good friend Chris with me with the hopes of getting my son Kage into his first King. He is pretty seasoned for his age and has boated everything but the salmon. We tried to get out last Tuesday evening but just landed one brown trout and had 3 kings go for ripps but couldn't keep them on. We were then greeted by lightning and had get off the lake with no more than an hour of being out.

We got set up with a 3 rigger, 1 dipsy, 1 copper set. 11" echip on the copper and center rigger with an atomic, 8 " chip on the rest. Tried moving the dipsy and copper all around and couldn't get them to budge. I also tried changing things up on the corners and couldn't get them to move. The only 2 bites we could manage were down the middle at 105. The screen looked good but the temp was 74 degrees down 105 and was still 70 degrees down 125. The first bite came not long after getting set up. My friend Chris says its snagged on bottom and i said not its not just keep the pressure on. He then says its still hooked on the cable and again i said no its not just keep the pressure on him. So he is still not convinced until the beast wakes up and ripps off 400' of line fast than he can say holy f*@k its not bottom or the cable. My son then comes out of the cabin and says hey i want to reel him in. But the beast charged the boat and shook off. My buddy gets back on the wheel, Kage back to the cabin and i re rig. We circle the area with not much cooperation from the fish. Just as Chris and Kage are playing with Match Box cars in the back of the boat and my son is complaining that he is bored off goes the center rigger to the races. Chris hands off the rod to Kage and away he goes to cranking without one complaint. The fish came up after one big run but fought hard all the way making alot of small surges. It didn't look that big at first but as it got closer it kept getting bigger. As a kicker to the chaos we forgot the net for the second consecutive trip so i am getting mentally prepared for what is about to happen when we get this hog to the boat. It was going well until the fish charged across the back of the boat and got to the other side. It twisted around the wire dipsy, got it untwisted and managed to get a fish handle under its gills and lifted her into the boat. My son was horrified and really didnt want to get to close to the big girl and we were all laughing and celebrating. I was a pretty proud Dad. That would be the last bite for a short trip for us. I only saw 2 other fish get put to the net from the surrounding boats. We need some better temps and i think we will have better cooperation from the kings. Here are some pics. the fish weighed in at just over 31 lbs and was 38 3/4 inches long. My son is 44 " tall and he felt threated from the beast. I am in the LOC but my son is not and Chris is not either. It looks like another big leader board is going to be the norm.====================




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I was in the trench on Saturday too, and heard it was on fire.... Funny, I never saw it. We landed three kings over 25lbs but that was it. We took our fish off the high rocks in 95 fow with our riggers almost bouncing the bottom. Temperatures on the bottom were 59 degrees and our down speed was 2.5. We were on the shallower side of the flotilla and only saw about two or three boats land a fish. One of my buddies fished out west of the trench and took three kings that morning too. It just seemed like the wind moved the fish inside the trench or out on the flats.

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